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Group asks Westville council’s support in Northern Pulp pipeline issue

A group of women whose partners fish the Northumberland Strait asked Westville council to lobby on their behalf over the Northern Pulp pipeline issue.

“There are questions on what’s in the effluent, and that’s a big question for all of us,” said Jill Graham-Scanlan.

“We question the reliability of Northern Pulp’s information (and) their science.”

Northern Pulp, under orders from the provincial government to find a replacement for the Boat Harbour Treatment Facility by 2020, wants to extend a pipe into the strait, but players in the fishing industry – among others – are concerned about the environmental risks to the fishery, and that pumping millions of litres of effluent into the waters every day could devastate the industry.

Calling the waters of the Northumberland Strait “a delicate ecosystem that is very easily compromised,” Pictou resident Krista Fulton, who is married to a fisherman, added that “we need more time to do the science and get the information out there. We question what are the facts? Where’s the science? There’s too much risk.”

Westville councillor Lennie White reminded the group that the town has already tabled a motion to ask for a more detailed environmental study, and wants more information before they begin to lobby the provincial government on behalf of Friends of Northumberland Strait.

The group has already visited council in Pictou and the Municipality of Pictou County, and has plans to approach Stellarton and Trenton councils.

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