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Our Story

Community Working Together 

Friends of the Northumberland Strait is a community group which came together because of our concerns about Northern Pulp’s proposed wastewater treatment facility and it's potential impact on the environment. 


Our goal is to create a better future together by protecting the water, air, land and resources of our region, so that we can thrive for many generations. 


The Group, formed in November 2017, come from all corners of the community and include business owners, entrepreneurs, tourism operators, fisher folks, cottagers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts. We are volunteers who want to help people become more informed about this issue, which has the potential to affect our future in so many ways.


Reassurances from the company and the government have led to devastating results in the past. We don’t want that to happen again.


We hope as more and more people become informed about the risks raised by Northern Pulp's proposed new treatment system to our industries, our economies and our communities, that people will get involved and take action.


This website is a place to share information and opportunities for action.

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