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Meet Our Core Members

From all corners of the community with a common goal and common values.

  • We will be a voice for the Northumberland Strait, for the fishermen and other affected sectors, including tourism, recreation, small business, and property owners. 

  • We aim to be a credible and reliable source of information, a group people can trust. We will be honest, factual, well-reasoned, and not exaggerated. 

  • We will focus on addressing issues, not attacking people. We will try to build unity, not create division. 

Commercial Fishing Family

Northumberland Strait is everything to my family. We earn a living from the fishing industry, my children kayak, swim, walk on the beach looking for beach glass, fish with their dad and tube with their friends. I 


Commercial Fishing Family

Growing up with an outdoorsy family on the Bay of Fundy led me to  study  Environmental Science.  But it wasn't until I started fishing with my husband, that I realized the deep importance of respecting our oceans, mother nature and the surrounding ecosystem.


Commercial Fishing Family Outdoor Enthusiast

The Northumberland Strait feeds our family, offers peace and pastime in all seasons, and is a constant source of inspiration and recreation.   The clean, beautiful shores of the Strait host some of the best coastline in the world, and offer refuge to creatures great and small. 

Anna Marie

Lawyer & proud spouce of a fisherman

The Northumberland Strait is my happy place - whether I’m on the water or on the beach. The Strait drives the economy that provides for my family and our community.

Graham Scanlan

Town of Pictou Resident

Northumberland Strait Cottager 

With a forty year career in recreation, sport, tourism, and health and wellness, I am an  outdoor enthusiast, kayaker and trail user interested in preserving ocean waters and adjacent lands and beach.


Commercial Fishing Family

The Northumberland Strait  is very important to me. My husband is a 3rd generation fisherman and our children love fishing , seafood and swimming. The thought of loosing one of these things let alone all three is unimaginable.

Nicole MacKenzie

Cottager and  Recreational Water Bug

For 20 years, the Northumberland Strait has given me place to experience the things I love most -water recreation, marine life and natural  beauty.  

Linda Townsend
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