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Friends of the Northumberland Strait is a community group concerned about Northern Pulp’s proposed wastewater treatment facility and its potential impact on the environment.  Our goal is to create a better future together by protecting the water, air, land and resources of our region, so that we can thrive for

generations to come. 



We compile the facts and science, so you can make informed opinions and decisions about Northern Pulp's plans.  

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building support

We engage the public through open houses, workshops, presentations and social media.

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taking action

We make our voice heard through letter campaigns, presentations, signage and rallies.

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making news

We get our message out through media releases, opinion pieces and letters to the editor

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Northern Pulp.... Round 3

Many organizations, professionals, concerned citizens and local knowledge holders responded to the first two rounds of Northern Pulp's provincial EA process for its proposed new effluent treatment facility.  Their responses drew attention to errors, gaps and contradictions in Northern Pulp’s applications. NS's Minister of Environment agreed the company had more work to do. Northern Pulp has since abandoned that proposal, and on May 27, 2021 submitted a new project description to the Province. The Province concluded the new project must undergo a  Class 2 Environmental Assessment. Northern Pulp has announced they will submit their registration document for their EA in November 2021. The mill is currently closed.


The Change Is Real

After 53 years of air and water pollution from a bleached kraft pulp mill, the air is lighter and the water is clearer in Pictou County and in neighbouring communities. 



"The date is the date."

- Chief Andrea Paul -

Pictou Landing First Nation

For 53 years, Pictou Landing First Nation endured air and water pollution from pulp mill effluent that flowed into their sacred A'se'k (Boat Harbour).  Since 1991 the NS Government has broken multiple promises to Pictou Landing First Nation to stop the pollution and return A'se'k  back to a tidal estuary.  On December 18, 2019, Premier McNeil kept his promise and honoured the Boat Harbour Act. Pulp effluent no longer runs into Boat Harbour and the site is currently under going a federal environmental assessment for remediation.  

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