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Boat Harbour must close on schedule, January 31 • 2020. We expect nothing less. - Chief Andrea Paul, Pictou Landing First Nation

Over 3000 citizens stood with Pictou Landing First Nation in Fall of 2019 sending this letter to Premier McNeil and all Nova Scotia MLA's in support of the closure of  Boat Harbour to pulp effluent on schedule. 


Time Line

Why Pictou

Landing First Nation

cannot agree to extend the deadline for closing the Boat Harbour

Treatment Facility.

Dear Premier McNeil,

I recognize that pressure from sectors of the forest industry for an extension to the Boat Harbour Act is increasing as the Boat Harbour closure date draws closer.

I want you and all MLAs to know that I support the closure of Boat Harbour to pulp effluent on 31 January, 2020.



  •  I know the history of broken promises to Pictou Landing First Nation.  To break another promise would be adding to past wrong doings and would continue Nova Scotia’s legacy of environmental racism. 

  • I know that Northern Pulp was aware they had a tight deadline, but did not begin designing a new effluent treatment facility for several years.

  •  I know that when Northern Pulp submitted their project for environmental assessment in January 2019, the company did not provide many essential studies and information requested by government departments, leading to further delay. 

  • I know that Northern Pulp is a long way from having a viable plan that will not harm the ecosystem or fisheries of the Northumberland Strait that are crucial to our province’s economy.

  • I believe the forestry experts who say that the forestry industry in Nova Scotia has a good future, even if Boat Harbour closes on schedule and Northern Pulp leaves the province.

You said it yourself, Premier McNeil, Northern Pulp is responsible for the decisions they have made over the past 5 years.

Pictou Landing First Nation is not to blame for Northern Pulp being so far from meeting the deadline. The community should not pay the price. 

Premier McNeil, please continue to Honour the Boat Harbour Act you put forward in good faith almost five years ago, an Act that was unanimously adopted in the Legislature. 

It was the right thing to do then. It is still the right thing to do now.


Pictou Landing - A short film by Mark Lang 

depicting the vast devastation of Boat Harbour

Want to know why Northern Pulp is out of time? Watch, Northern Pulp, Don’t pass the blame.



and signature sheet here!

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