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The Facts

We've compiled the facts and the science, so you can make informed opinions and decisions.

Learn the coles notes or take a deep dive into the history of the mill, and the science behind their most recent waste management proposal. Check back frequently as we continue to build our library of information & resources. 

What You Should Know

A quick glance at what Northern Pulp is proposing and separating fact from fiction. 

Sea Turtle

What We're Asking

Economy, livelihoods, tourism, beaches, recreation, health and precious marine life - we have too much to loose. We are asking for....

(FONS' Submission to Council, Dec 4, 2017)

Wind Turbines

What's At Risk

Northern Pulp's proposal will impact the communal Northumberland waters and the coast line of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Learn what's at risk for the industry we are most known and loved for. (NFA Presentation to Pictou Town Council, December 4, 2017)

Windmills on green field
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